Explaining Google Ads Paid Search and PPC

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What is Paid Search and Why is it Important?

Paid search is a feature of Google Ads that allows a marketer or anyone for that matter to create an ad for their product that will be amongst the top results generated by a search engine results page, commonly referred to as SERP for short. Paid search results are automatically given a higher ranking on the SERP than the normal organic search results which are of course not paid for. There are many types of paid search ads that one can conduct to boost their rank. Paid search is important because it allows users of the tool to rank more highly on SERPs leading to higher customer traffic and higher conversion rates.

Keeping Tabs on Paid Search

As mentioned previously there are multiple ways to go about operating a paid search ad. No matter which way you choose though, you have to make sure that you are constantly checking on it. Paid search ads require consistent management in order for them to be most effective. That means any updates in pricing, promotions, or even product updates should all be reflected on the paid search ad of your choosing. 

So What Exactly is PPC?

By far the most popular paid search ads method is what is known as pay per click, or PPC or short. The PPC method is “a model of digital advertising where the advertiser pays a fee each time one of their ads is clicked“. The reason businesses choose this model to advertise with is because they believe that the rise in the search rankings that is being exchanged for this cost will bring in positive revenue for whatever they are promoting. The advertisers do not have to make any payment to Google until the customer clicks on the ad. PPC is most commonly conducted through the Google Ads platform. Google Ads has an efficient model to use that allows the advertiser to see all the financial statistics behind the paid ad. PPC ads can take many different forms as they “can be made up of text, images, videos, or even a combination“.

Keywords and PPC in Google Ads 

Keywords are still important even when using paid search and PPC. You have to understand what keywords you should build your ad campaign around and how each keyword can bring in a different audience. This is because you have to place a bid on each individual keyword of the search page that your ad is being advertised under. It may be common belief that the objective is to go for words that are most relevant to your search while also having the highest amount of traffic on their search pages however this is not exactly true. In actuality, there are two factors that you have to take into account. Those factors are bid cost and keyword competition. Keywords with the most search traffic are typically the most expensive per bid while also having the most competition in regard to who is trying to buy the rights to advertise under the SERP. What an intuitive marketer would do is prioritize relevancy while also finding bids with lower costs and lower competition. This would give them more opportunities to have their ads seen under a larger array of SERPs while still having a sizeable amount of customer traffic.

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