Display Advertising with Google Ads

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What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is the use of visual ads promotion across a variety of different websites to advertise whatever it is a business is trying to promote. Display ads can take the form of any visual aid whether it be an image or even a video. They are an effective way of promoting desired content as they stand out visually compared to normal advertisement methods. However, in order to be effective it is critical for the display ads to be positioned on a high-traffic website. This is because according to research, “only about 0.06% of people click on display ads“. There are an array of display ad networks for your ad to be displayed on however the largest network is most definitely the Google Display Network, known as the GDN for short. On the GDN there are “over two million websites and apps that reach somewhere in the ballpark of 90% of internet users“. This is why it is imperative for the advertiser creating the ad to make sure the ad is appealing to the desired target audience. 

Display Advertising vs PPC

The pay-per-click or PPC model is “a model of digital advertising where the advertiser pays a fee each time one of their ads is clicked“. This is different from the display advertising model in several ways. For one, the display advertising model is actually less expensive than the PPC model. This is because since PPC is on a per-click basis, for the high-traffic sites it would be incredibly expensive to maintain this model. The display model is also based on clicks too but since the target is high-traffic websites, the cost per click is significantly less. Another difference between the two models is the cases in which they are used. Display advertising is more beneficial for brand awareness as it will reach a larger audience than PPC most likely. As for the PPC model, it is best to use this when selling individual products as you need to make a profit off of the overall amount of clicks from the target audience due to the higher costs being invested. 

Types of Display Ads

There are two types of Google display ads that are used to create visual advertisements. Those ads are “responsive display ads and uploaded image ads“. The more common of the two ads is definitely the responsive display ad. The premise behind responsive display ads is that the advertiser chooses a variety of different images and writes a headline and description for the ads. The google ads system then automatically creates an array of different display ads and after testing determines which combination of pictures and heading/description produces the best results in terms of consumer engagement. That is the ad that is then used on the other pages within the GDN. The other type of Google display ad, the uploaded image ad, is used by advertisers who want to design every aspect of their ad. The uploaded image ad is created in another design platform and then uploaded into the Google ads database which then gets placed onto the pages within the GDN. It is much easier to use the responsive display ads feature however people who want more control over the content of their ad will typically opt for the uploaded image ads feature. 

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