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What is Offsite SEO and Why is it Important

Offsite SEO includes everything that a website builder can do outside of altering their own webpage to raise their site in the search page rankings. For offsite SEO it is very important that your website is seen as one that is high quality because that will affect your rank. Credibility with a growing audience typically equates to high search rankings making it a major priority for offsite SEO. The three elements that constitute this credibility factor are “relevance, trustworthiness, and authority”. What this means is that being an established brand that also keeps relevancy with the changing technological times while also proving to be factually correct is critical in contributing to SEO.

Three Tips to Improve Offsite SEO:

1) Utilize Social Media: To get your website out to your desired audience you need to promote it across a multitude of mediums. Luckily, social media is readily available to anyone and everyone with access to technology. Platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and the rapidly rising TikTok allow people to promote any sort of content that they please as long as it follows the guidelines of the website. Because of this, you should use these platforms to get the word out regarding what your website provides and how you are different from the competitors. Social media will never stop growing so the more you learn regarding how to use it to advertise the more you will see engagement with your website grow. This tool can help boost the relevancy of your website tremendously.

2) Partner Up: Relationship building with other companies helps build up the authority you have compared to your competitors. The more established you become the more opportunities you will have to increase your social network. You can increase the relationships within your social network through an array of ways. Things such as making blog posts for other websites, backlinking between one another, and even just providing any form of digital content in general to strengthen each other’s websites will help increase SEO for both websites. Posting each other’s links across different mediums and even within each other’s websites will surely increase website traffic.

3) Learn about Link Building: Link building is a very simple concept and we have even mentioned it already in many different ways. However, the official definition of link building is that it is “the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own“. It is beneficial for search ranking if your website has your website’s link embedded into the content of multiple websites pointing consumers toward your page. However, there are many factors to take into account regarding this idea. Firstly, the quality of the website directing traffic to your site is important. It is not all that meaningful if a small website with low relevancy has your link included on its page. Instead, it is better for the website linking your page to be relevant and high-ranking. Also, it is important for the website linking your page to be topically relevant to the content of your page. This is because if traffic being directed your way has no interest in the content of your page in the first place, they will not continue to engage with the website. Taking these factors into account, if you are able to properly understand and incorporate the process of link building into your website, you will surely see a beneficial effect on SEO.

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