Keyword Research for Beginners

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Impact of Market Research

Every marketer’s goal is to attract new customers to whatever they are advertising or campaigning for. No matter how it is they are promoting though, whether physically or digitally, there is required research that has to be conducted analyzing customer preferences and habits. This is what is known as market research. Market research gives the marketer necessary statistics and information to better understand how the consumer reacts to different elements in the market and how they can better direct their promotional tactics to better attract said consumer. Market research is the overall term for how the marketer understands the consumer however there are many different elements to consider. As mentioned earlier, you have to know whether you are promoting physically or digitally. This will then allow you to determine what exactly you are looking to analyze within the market. This will then allow you to determine how you can best develop your marketing research plan to properly advertise. These elements are all very crucial in determining how to conduct the necessary market research. Physical mediums for market research include surveys, consumer testing, and even focus groups. Physical market research is very straightforward and easy to conduct. However, digital mediums for market research are much more difficult and require more analysis and insight. The digital market research medium we are going to elaborate on in this blog is keyword research. We will be taking an introductory dive into what keyword research is and how it is important for understanding consumers.

What is Keyword Research?

So, what exactly is keyword research? Keyword research can best be defined as “the process of discovering which words and phrases your target audience is using to search for websites and answers to questions on search engines“. Every day billions of searches are conducted across search engines such as Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo just to name a few. The search queries that you type into the search bar are the words and phrases being analyzed in keyword research. These queries are what are known as keywords. Keyword research is used to understand which keywords generate the most traffic and how to advertise towards those searches. All in all, it allows you to budget your marketing plan for digital advertising as efficiently as possible. 

Why Keyword Research is Important?

Keyword research is an incredibly important element of digital marketing. Keyword research is a fraction of an overall concept known as search engine optimization or SEO for short. By definition, “SEO is a process by which you can make research-based decisions to create new content, optimize existing content, and run effective paid search campaigns“. Basically, SEO is the process of using the customer input entered into different search engines to alter your marketing campaign and increase search traffic in your favor. Keyword research itself is important because it allows you to see the keywords with the most searches and allows you to show how much it would cost to bid for the rights for your advertisement to rank more highly on the search page. It also allows you to see the related keywords that potential customers search for the topic you are advertising for and how those trends change over time. Overall, keyword research benefits marketers by allowing them to see different trends in the digital market which is necessary for these evolving technological times. 

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